stories in a sentence

I don’t remember which blog was suggesting writing stories in a sentence, maximum of 50 words, but I thought I would write the stories about the main characters in my books down.

Kawa dreamed of her family all dying from the plagues and wanted to leave the city, but because she didn’t know when it would happen and they had to make a living, they didn’t; most of them died.

Toban was a patriarch who lost his entire family to famine and plague, but when he would have died a girl who had lost her whole village found and saved him; together they started over as a new family.

Wynne was a healer during the plagues and when her whole village was dead, she buried the bodies and left.

Nakhaman married a princess, bought a slave, beat the slave for saving his life, and got leprosy, of which the slave was able to have him healed.

Okay, they’re not great stories as is. I hope they will be when I write them down.