Weekend Survey

1. Are you easy like Sunday morning? What exactly are you easy like?
I think I’m easy like peach pie. I read that in a romance novel and I was thinking, “What!? Have these people never tried to make a pie crust? That’s not easy.”

2. Put these professions in order from sexiest to least sexy – assuming each is a man:

g. FBI agent
h. Firefighter
e. Brain surgeon
d. Software Engineer (Sorry, honey! You’re the hottest, but your profession isn’t.)
c. Lawyer extraordinaire
a. News anchor for major network
b. Wall Street big shot
f. Supermodel

3. Now assume they are female, and place the same professions in order from sexiest to least sexy:

g. FBI agent
e. Brain surgeon
c. Lawyer extraordinaire
h. Firefighter
a. News anchor for major network
b. Wall Street big shot
f. Supermodel
d. Software engineer

Okay, I admit it’s different. But I’ve met people in most of these categories and I think that they are part of the reason stuff moves around. (Most. I haven’t met any supermodels, guys or gals.)

4. If your life were a soap opera, what would the title be?
The Same as Yesterday

5. Which character in a movie would you like be?
Huh. I AM the female lead in She’s Having a Baby. (Or, rather, that’s my life.)

6. Do you believe in fate/destiny?
In a way. But not across the board.

7. What is your favorite method of escape?

8. Tell me what’s in your bedroom.
Two night stands my husband purchased, a dresser I bought my husband, a cedar chest that was given to me for my 16th birthday, a bed my folks gave us for Christmas two years ago, and a table that was my grandmother’s. Along with a broken chair, just for looks. Jewelry boxes, books, clothes, carpet, two original pieces of art by Janet Treby.

9. You’re going on the Maury Povich Show. What is the topic of the day?
How Normal Can You Get?

10. Name a blog that you’ve discovered recently and would recommend to others.

11. What do you eat for breakfast?
Regular food. Today I had a turkey and cheese sandwich. Yesterday I had tuna salad.

12. What did you work on this week?
A short story that’s a prequel to my novel. The house and laundry. The yard.

13. Give RTG readers one ironclad rule for dating.
Don’t date someone you wouldn’t want to marry.

14. True or false: Love is blind.

15. What is your favorite line from a movie?
“That doesn’t mean what you think it means?”

16. What is the secret code?
Forgive often. Forget, too.

This survey from Right Thinking Girl.