Education and Stay at Home Moms

An interesting blog entry on the interior mind and education can be found at The Common Room.

The discussion came from Erin at Bearing Blog when she discussed the question, “Is education wasted on the stay-at-home mother?” The whole entry is articulate and encourages both a classical education and a specialized education, such as her PhD in engineering, but this sentence was the one that stood out to me the most:

Motherhood can be sanctifying even if it is nothing but self-sacrifice and submission to drudgery; but a rich interior life—contemplation, analysis, reading—builds sanctification and satisfaction at the same time.

Few people who have chosen to be full-time stay-at-home mothers admit that the work is drudgery, but it often is. I chose it anyway, knowing that, because I believe it is what I was called by God to do. And it has been rewarding in many ways. I am grateful, during this time, that I have had the learning that my education has given me. It has been a blessing.