Ideas for Homeschool Co-op Class

One thing I was thinking today was that a fun class for the older kids would be an autobiography class.

What if I found and read to them sections out of autobiographies? And we shared our own experiences out loud? Then, as homework, they would write a portion of their autobiography. Each week we would add to it.

I think this has the potential to be great.

Benjamin Franklin
George Washington In His Own Words
Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Biographies? Maus would be interesting. The Star was depressing. Did I get rid of it?


A family story. For example, I could tell of my Grampa Daniel who fought in the revolutionary war. Or of my great-great-grandmother who came across the country on the Trail of Tears. Or of my grandmother the movie star. I think I would ask them to make this a positive story that they could add.

Their birth. Even if nothing very exciting happened, they could still write about where they were born, the hospital, the doctor, the date and time of their birth.

Their first memory. These are young kids, so what will be the earliest thing they remember?

Their first memory verse. Do they remember what it was? Who taught it to them?

Their siblings. Or their best friend. If they don’t have a sibling or if they would just rather not write on them. But this section would need to be more about the relationship between the two, rather than telling about the other person.

Their pets.

Their favorites. I could use the internet and email ideas on what favorites could be in the list.

Their parents.

At the end, the kids would have their own autobiography. I think it would be a lot of fun. I wonder if anyone else would think so?

Update: Apparently not. The class, which was supposed to be offered in the spring, did not make. Oh well.