Mail Call

Our VBS theme this year is “the Lord’s Army.” Instead of doing lots of tiny art projects, we are creating stationery for the soldiers.

We take card stock, fold it in half. The older kids make thumbprint pictures, with cute sayings on them. The younger kids use stamps.

Each of the kids has their name on the back of their card.

Then we buy envelopes and the soldiers have plenty of stationery.

That was today’s project.

My voice is hoarse because I am running a 500 picture slide show at the same time. And the kids always want to know what the pictures are. So, when we started and when they finished their cards, I was talking.

The only down side to tonight was one of the little girls who kept saying, “Soldiers are bad guys.” I was a bit upset about that. I explained that these soldiers were helping keep the country safe. These others were building schools and bridges. These others were providing medical care. But she just kept up her litany.

Someone said later, “Well, maybe this isn’t the right VBS for her.” (Since everything is about soldiering, including the Bible stories, I’d say maybe not.)

Update: 8/28/05 The kids and I got a letter from SPC Holly P. She said thank you very much for the stationery we sent her. She’s been to Texas, so she let us know that.