The Point of Assembly

The Common Room discusses children in the assembly. It has this statement, “Worship is not about ourselves. It is about our Heavenly Father.”

Yes, worship is about the Heavenly Father.

But what is church about?

I was eating lunch with a woman from my church yesterday and she said that she and her husband had been studying and really thought that the church assembly was for the people more than for God. Yes, worship is for God, but you can and should do that on your own (as well). But the point of having an assembly is to share person to person and encourage, uplift, and learn from each other.

This, of course, does not reduce TCR’s comment. In fact, it increases the importance. But…

I need to think about these points. Is the assembly equally about the people in it? If it is, then singing all those, “Here we are…” songs is not only okay, but perhaps even necessary.