Reading Log

I quit listing all the books I have read this year on June 24.

I decided that there wasn’t any point in keeping a list of books I’ve read that aren’t any good. And mostly I have read romance novels. They’re a quick, light read and they have happy endings.

Today, though, Karen from Folk, suggested that I read The DaVinci Code. And I thought, I need to read more novels that are popular. I need to see what other people are reading.

So I decided I would begin again to keep a list, but only of the books that aren’t romance novels. I might list a romance novel if it is one I am going to keep. I have about 40 I’ve read more than once and about 10 I’ve re-read often.

I think, based on my previous reading, that we can say I read about two books a day on average.

Now let’s see how many “regular” books I read in the next four months.