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R and I went to a fundraiser last night for DA, who is trying to raise money to get a new kidney. She was a teacher for 27 years and has had Diabetes I for 50 years.

My brother-in-law died, at age 26, from Diabetes I. My cousin’s son, who is 12, has been diagnosed as well. He was diagnosed four days before he was scheduled to walk for Diabetes.

Now that all the cheery stuff is over… We raised $23,000 last night. We had prints of Peter Max’s birthday poster for GHW Bush, #41, which the president had signed. We had a picture of the Discovery crew with all their signatures, which they signed just after they landed in California. (The donater flew out there to get it signed.) We had a football signed by all the Texans. And Texan tickets, Astros tickets. Dinner out at a fancy restaurant hosted by a judge. There was a dessert a month and high tea for ten in your house. There was a night out at a hotel, with lunch, dinner, breakfast, and shopping donated. There were three quilts, which raised $1000 total. There was a painting of bluebonnets, which also went for $1000.

Then there was a smaller items silent auction. There were antique doilies and dresser runners, nights at hotels, paintings, stained glass, a Harry Potter birthday basket, a wooden box collection (which was beautiful), a collection of Writing things- like The Notebook and stationery, and many others…

It was a fun evening. The MC was a Christian comedian. She made lots of female jokes, though she did forget that many people adopt. (You get your Mommy face in labor and delivery, she said.) Or that some people have to have C-sections. But it was funny, nonetheless. –I thought it was funny and I didn’t do L&D, just 2 emergency C-sections.

Then she was also the MC for the auction. And instead of your run of the mill stuff she said, “What’s your name?” “Lionel.” “Okay, is there someone with a shorter name who would like this bill personalized? Maybe a Bill, for the bill?” And eventually Dr. Bill won that auction. (And several others.)

“You don’t want to let him outbid you, do you?” “Don’t let her win.” “Oh, come on. This has a parking pass. Forget the tickets. You get a parking pass.”

It was amazingly interesting.

And D’s fund now has $23K more in it.

For the record, we didn’t bid on anything. But we did buy our tickets.

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