US Invasion

No, it’s not an invasion we did. It’s an invasion happening to us. And Wizbang has a thoughtful essay on the topic.

To get you started, here’s a sample from the essay:

So, with that in mind, does our current illegal alien crisis constitute an invasion? I think it does.

Do we have large groups of foreign nationals crossing the border without permission or documention? Yes.

Do we have portions of the country essentially “occupied” by those who speak a foreign language, to the point where that language has supplanted English for all official business? Yes.

Do we have portions of the country that have, in essence, declared federal laws null and void within their boundaries and chosen to side with the invaders? Yes.

Do we have invaders illegally getting wealth and sending it home, much like the pillaging Vikings? Yes — just drive through any inner city (I’ve done this in Manchester, NH and Lawrence, MA) and see how many storefronts offer to send money to any country in Latin America.) And since the collapse of the telegram business, money transfers has become Western Union’s bread and butter.

Do the invaders proudly hoist the flags of their native lands? Yes — again, do the drive-through and count the non-American flags waving proudly from cars.

Do the invaders commit acts of violence against Americans? Yes. Not only do we have the case of Raul Garcia-Gomez, an illegal alien who killed Police Officer Donald Young and fled to Mexico. He’s been arrested, but the latest I heard is that he might not be extradited because he might face the death penalty.

But one mustn’t use a single example to prove a point. How about MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha 13), the gang of illegal aliens from Central America? They’re rapidly supplanting the Crips, Bloods, and Latin Kings for the reputation as “most dangerous gang.”

Is there a nation or nations that are openly threatening us? No. But let’s take a look at Mexico. They publish and give away books showing the best ways to illegally enter the United States. They give out “Matricula Consular” IDs to virtually anyone for the asking, conveniently overlooking that the only people who would need such an ID are illegal aliens — legal immigrants already have some form of ID issued by the United States government.

Do they pose a threat to average Americans? I think they do.