Why is Recruiting Up?

Remarkably, units under the most pressure in Iraq are heavily oversubscribed for re-enlistment.

Recruits in July totaled 109 percent of the Army’s goal, the second straight month above target. In aggregate, the four services were 4 percent over (the Navy fell 1 percent short).

Every one of the Army’s 10 combat divisions has exceeded its re-enlistment goal for the fiscal year so far. The 1st Cavalry Division was at 136 percent; the 3rd Infantry Division at 117 percent. As author Ralph Peters noted, “This is unprecedented in wartime.”

The troops are not doing this for the bonuses – only 60 percent get re-enlistment money, and the great bulk of those are $12,400 a year or less. They are not doing it for loot and booty, to impress the old crowd back home, or to learn a trade.

They are risking life and limb because they care passionately about the job. We wonder what we have done to deserve soldiers of such devotion. They deserve all the best we can give them, in equipment, sound policy and honor.

This truth in reporting, even the side I don’t like–that recruiting is below wants for the fiscal year–is brought to you by The Boston Herald.

via Euphoric reality