A Day of Prayer

The LA governor has announced a Day of Prayer.

“As we face the devastation wrought by Katrina, as we search for those in need, as we comfort those in pain and as we begin the long task of rebuilding, we turn to God for strength, hope and comfort.

“I have declared August 31, 2005, a Day of Prayer in the State of Louisiana.

“I am asking that all of Louisiana take some time Wednesday to pray. Pray for the victims and the rescuers. Please pray that God give us all the physical and spiritual strength to work through this crisis and rebuild.

“Please pray for patience for those anxiously waiting to hear from family members or to get word about their homes. Pray for the safety of our hard-working rescuers and those they are bringing to safety.

“I know, by praying together on Wednesday, that we can pull together and draw strength we need; strength, that only God can give us.

“In my prayers, I will also thank God for the strong and resilient people of this state and how they are working to meet this challenge.”

This would be a good time for all of us to pray for those hurt by the hurricane, not just Louisianans.

Update: In addition to other things they are doing, my church called for us to join with those in Louisiana in praying for the Katrina survivors and the families of those who did not survive and those who are working to put these cities, towns, and counties/parishes back into working order. I was pleased to do so.