Katrina Updating

Times-Picayune news on all Katrina-effected areas. Obviously their focus in New Orleans, but they’re writing. Updates about every half hour.

Superdome folks moving to the Astrodome.

No electricity for 16 weeks. No going home for that long.

Dry areas will be flooded soon because of the levee break which is not taking the planned repairing.

NO hasn’t started a body count. But based on what I’ve heard already, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was as bad as September 11 in terms of deaths. I’ve seen two towns already say they have 100 dead. If that’s true, then what about the cities?

I feel odd to be sitting in my house with my feet up on the coffee table listening to the washer run while my son does his history homework. We have lights. We have a/c. We have fans. We have food. But just a few hours over, those people don’t.

And then, of course, there’s the mobs. Prisoners holding hostages. Looters threatening the Children’s Hospital.

God, help us all.

As of 9 p.m. the levee is not letting in any more water because the water is receding into the river. That’s good. There is still some concern about high tide, but at least right now the water is going in the right direction.

No one got into Children’s Hospital and all of the children who were still there have now been placed, though I don’t know if they’ve made the evacuation yet, in other hospitals around the nation.

Houston called for volunteers to help set up the Astrodome with cots and feeding stations. They wanted to be done by 5 pm.