WMDs Were Found

“However, did you know that WMD were found in Iraq? Not just a couple…but lots of them.”

A mother who lost her son in Iraq was interviewed on Fox News had this to say: “I have seen photos of entire fighter jets buried in the sand. I have seen pictures of entire caches of weapons that just my son’s unit would uncover.” I wonder why we never hear much about that one? Here’s also a nice little list of what was found:

-500 tons…that’s right…TONS…make that 1million pounds of yellow cake uranium. It was found at Saddam’s nuclear weapons facility (yup…he had one of those too.)

-1.8 tons of partially enriched uranium found at the same place. You know, the stuff you need to make nukes.

-Hidden centrifuge parts and blueprints.

-Two dozen artillery shells loaded with Sarin and mustard gas.

Sounds like WMD to me! You may want to print this off and impress your friends with your knowledge.

Okay, I put it on my blog, but surely that makes me as impressive as anyone who put it on a piece of print media!

I am so tired of Cindy S- saying we didn’t find anything and, of course, she is simply echoing the party line. (And once in a while adding anti-Semitic rhetoric.)

Know that we found this stuff and say so the next time someone says, “We didn’t find any WMD.” Also, when they say that Hussein wasn’t trying to buy anything in Africa, we know that is a lie made up by the guy who actually proved that he did.

The above source quotes this info from mainstream media, so they can’t disavow their own news. (Or can they?)

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