Katrina and Families

We have lots of Louisiana families in the area, since Houston is so near. Some are from Mississippi. But…

Barbara S., in her 60s, lost her husband the week before Katrina. A tree fell through her roof and she has been sleeping outside her house in Covington, LA. Her son was able to get through to her. Folks are looking for a generator for her.

Eileen’s entire extended family made it safely out and are staying with relatives in the midwest.

Sylvia’s nephew is returning to Louisiana this week to see about four of their families’ houses. All the people made it out safely.

Katie T. has 50, that’s fifty, relatives in her rather large- but not that large!- home. Her entire extended family lived in La. They found her father and her grandmother over the weekend. So their entire family is safe.

Suzannah’s family all got out of Louisiana. Christy and Bud were supposed to have surgery last Monday. Christy needs a kidney and Bud wants to give her one. Obviously that didn’t happen because of the hurricane. So they are looking for a hospital to get the surgery done at. They have been in Houston, but think they will have more luck- and less overwhelmed hospitals- in Dallas. There, though, they will have to find hotel rooms.

A local high school took in a student from NOLA and won the football game this weekend. (Apparently he was pretty good.)

One I forgot:
Sharon and Johnny made it through the storm safely as did their home. However, they were told to evacuate and to take a gun, if they had one. People were burning houses and businesses in the area. So they don’t know if they’ll have anything to come back to.