God Speaking

Trying to determine something about a particular blog, I ended up with a technocrati search of “emergent church” on all blogs. I decided I would look through them. One sounded interesting, so I clicked on it. And I am … distressed- that might be too strong a word, appalled certainly is… dismayed.

The first words under the title “My Worldview” are:
“I think God is trying to speak to me. I mean, not in an audible voice, obviously…”

Why not? God lost his voice sometime in the last two millenium? I don’t think so. I think He can yell and holler and get our attention with his quiet whispers as He has many times in the past.

My church teaches that God no longer speaks today. But I know they are wrong. God has spoken to me and to my husband several times in the past.

He spoke to tell me I was pregnant. He spoke to tell me I was complaining too much. He told my husband we were having a boy. He told me my friend’s baby was in Heaven and staying busy. He may have told me my friend was in Heaven gardening. (They have very unique vegetation there.)

God speaks.

Do we listen?