City of Covington

The city of Covington, LA has their update out. They had power after three days and say they don’t need help.

9/9/05 Katrina Update
Fortunately the City of Covington Louisiana is making an amazing recovery. We had restored water pressure and passed our potable testing within three days of the storm. Currently we have identified up to 250 homes (out of 3,500) which will require substantial repairs (including my own). The Red Cross shelters in our city are down to a population of around 200. They are doing a fabulous job feeding, etc. Most people who need temporary housing are finding it with friends and family. We have power restored to about 30% of the city. Our biggest challenge at the moment is pumping down our 58 sewer lift stations to keep sewerage contained. We have had overflowing manholes, lift stations, etc. I feel that the victims and evacuees from the Orleans and Jefferson areas are in much greater need than our city. The best way to direct your efforts to send that aid to the neediest, is through the American Red Cross.

Here’s what’s happening where we used to live:
“River Forest, the subdivision they are located in, will be one of the last to get power it appears.”

And for the first time I’m not embarrassed to say I’m from Houston.
“Again, anyone who wants to help here, or in Houston, or anywhere else that evacuees were sent, should contact the Red Cross. “