9/11 Prayer

God, for those who died that day, I pray that all of them had a chance to be with you. If there is such a thing as purgatory, though I doubt it, please let them out early, for all they have called us to. For those who died that day in service to our country, as firefighters, police, priests, and Americans, I thank you.

For those who lost loved ones, I ask your blessing on their lives. Repay them twice, or three times, or a hundred times, for what has been done to them.

For those who lived and worked and helped and gave and tried, thank you. Encourage them to continue.

For this country, I thank you.

God, please, protect this country from all who seek to destroy it, whether inside or out. One nation under God. Let us be that, Father God.

God, I don’t know why such things happen in the world. I ask that you grant us the ability and the willingness to stop it. Help us end hatred in the world, Father, or, if we cannot, at least help us protect the innocent.

When we forget, remind us. When we complain, bring this to mind. When we waver, when we faint, call us back to our first commitment.

Millions of us will never forget 9/11. Millions of us never want to experience another day like it. Please, answer that heartfelt prayer. Bless this nation.

God, in the shadow of a different kind of devastation we will have a memorial for those of 9/11. Let the day be a blessing to our country, recalling us to our former unity. But don’t make any more bad stuff happen to get our attention.

Those who are struggling with loss of home and loved ones will have a double sorrow on this day. Give them an equal portion of joy.

Thank you for your protection of this nation for the last 200+ years. I ask your protection over it for the next 200+ years, as well.

Help us to remember what freedom means, what liberty has cost thousands… And for those who on this day are fighting for the safety of our country and the freedom of others, please keep them safe. Surround them with your angels. Guard them as their families would want them guarded. And please, Father God, let them know, on this day above all others, how much their sacrifice for freedom means to those of us they serve.

And help us remember to thank them.

Let it be so.