Children Denied Toys

In a rebuttal about FEMA detention camps, Ed Kostiuk of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Emergency Management, managed to disparage Christians for the toys they might be trying to give children evacuees.

The toys she refers to must first be checked. We have had “Christian groups” donate toys such as swords, toy guns and other devices that usually mean harm donated to our causes over the years so we check them closely before allowing any kids to play with them.

Let’s talk about the toys that mean harm. Hmm. Does he mean real guns? Real swords? Real bows and arrows? I doubt it. He means toys that, if they were real, could be used to hurt someone. And does he think that not giving the children these toys will keep them from “playing Cowboys and Indians or Cops and Robbers?” I don’t think so. Carrots, cucumbers, and zucchini make excellent “weapons.”

What is wrong with giving children toys that are weapons? Does anyone still fight with swords? No. So it can’t be that it will encourage them to be military.

I think this says a lot about his philosophy, that he won’t let toys be given to children. They are toys and they may or may not still be used in the world today. But they’re toys.

Also, I think it says a lot for his theology that he says “Christian groups” with quotes around it. Are they not Christian because they give out guns? I don’t think so. Does he hate Christians? Maybe. Does he think they can’t be Christian if they give out toys that kids like to play with? Maybe.

So, no violent toys would also mean:
no Ninja Turtles
no Power Rangers
no Powder Puff Girls

Granted, my suggestions may be old, because my kids are older, but if you’re going to bar every “violent” toy because it’s “intended to do harm,” there’s a problem.

Plus, I’ve never seen a toy that meant to harm anyone.