Flight 93 Memorial

If you have been trying to get through to the National Park Service on the internet, I would like to know if you have been successful. I have sent 9 emails. All said, “URL not found.” I even sent the email through the regular contact us button at NPS.

In addition, I called the NPS Superintendent of the Flight 93 Memorial. Once I got a woman who told me I must be doing something wrong with the email because it was working just fine for other people. I said I had tried it multiple times and she said that other people have called back and told me it was up and working.

I used both Safari and Firefox to send emails. Neither of those went through.

I called back and spoke to a man. I told him that I had tried to send emails and they were coming back as “URL not found.” I also told him that I had tried mulitple web browsers, so it was not a technical problem on my end. He told me that they were getting through to NPS. (Yeah, right.)

I asked if I could leave a message. He took my name, phone number, and I told him I was opposed to the crescent design.

He told me that they were thinking of changing the name. I told him I didn’t care what they called it, if it were a two-thirds open circle, I would be opposed to it.

He told me that the design was not finalized, that it had been in the conception stage and would be changing in the next few months. I told him that I was glad to hear that and that I hoped it would not include a crescent.

I thought of a hot button to push, in all those emails I was sending, and said that under our present interpretation of separation of church and state there was no way that a national memorial should include the religious symbol of anyone. And I explained that the crescent is a religious symbol of Islam.

We’ll see if the outcry is sufficient to get anything done.

I don’t see how they can even hear the outcry if the phone is disconnected and the URLs are gone.

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