I should be in bed

but I am so angry right now that I couldn’t sleep even if I went to bed. I was planning on going to bed, but I went to the bathroom and, shock-not, I am in my period. AGAIN.

It has been 14 days since my 10 day period started. Before that it was 14 days between periods. Before that I had a 9 day period and I had 18 days off. Before that it had been 14 days since my period started after a 10 day period.

So, 10 days on
14 days off (25 mg progesterone)
9 days on
18 days off (25 mg progesterone)
10 days on
14 days off (12.5 mg progesterone)
10 days on
14 days off (25 mg progesterone)– most recent

I was supposed to take a second round of 12.5 mg progesterone the last 14 days, but I ran out and I had 25, but not 12.5, so that’s what I took. And I only have one ovary anyway, so it’s not a question of cycling through. We’ve been paying for this medicine every month since just before Christmas and it’s still not regulated. I’m supposed to go in to the doctor in 33 more days and pay lots of money for more tests, but what needed to be fixed still isn’t.

Before that it was
11 days off
8 days on
12 days off
9 days on
14 days off
7 days on
14 days off
8 days on
20 days off
14 days on
4 days off
9 days on
17 days off
61 days on (November through January 10)

Obviously 14 days off and 10 days on is better than 61 days on; however, by this point in time I was expecting that it would be better. The doctor said on the radio that if they could do anything it would be done within 8 months. I went to see the doctor in December. So it has been at least 9 months. I am over the time limit. This is very frustrating.

There is nothing on their site, of course, that says what the time limit is. And I haven’t been doing everything they have said to do. I’m not eating their way. (I don’t like this food.) I’m not taking all their supplements and vitamins. (They’re too expensive.) So, if you look at their website, I have failed them by having a poor attitude. Otherwise, of course, they would be able to treat me.

I am sure I would have some minor improvement with supplements and vitamins. Who knows, maybe I could have as much improvement with those as I have had with the thyroid medicine. I’ve heard that sometimes thyroid medicines offer a temporary boost and then don’t really help. I am being helped, but perhaps I could get the same thing with just vitamins and supplements.

I am certainly not happy with the period thing. Which was the last straw for me and what sent me there in the first place. I am so frustrated.

A hysterectomy might help me. It helped my mom and WA. But it might not. It might give me worse side effects. Right now I don’t know what those are, but I am sure there are some.

I’m going to bed.