Prepare the House

Turn off brakers. This will protect your house from water problems in your electric service and from power surges.
This was from the electric company, but it seems to me that then you’ve accelerated the heating of your house and the spoilage of your food. However, it is also recommended just before the storm by the insurance companies. (So if we were home, I guess we might do that.)

Turn off gas ONLY at appliances. (You don’t have to, they say.)

Close up all doors outside.

Put away anything lose in the backyard: patio furniture, plants, dog houses, lamps, feeding bowls, etc.

Remove furniture from near windows. (In case they break and it rains in.)

Move books off the bottom shelf of your bookshelves on the lower floor of the house.

My aunt and uncle moved all their furniture from downstairs to the upstairs, and then realized the hurricane could take off the roof. (So just leave furniture where it is unless otherwise noted.)

Cut tree branches that could hit windows.

Cover windows with plywood. (We are FAR from the coast. Some people are doing this. Most are not.) Tape windows. (This keeps them from shattering and exploding in on you.)

Turn refrigerators and freezers to coldest settings. Open as seldom as possible.