We have 16 gallons of water, 16 gallons of other drinks. We have tarps and duct tape. We have food and dog food. We have tool box and car gassed up.

But I am thinking that the best preparedness we can do is to leave.

Schools are closed tomorrow and Friday to allow everyone to get out. Church is cancelled except for Sunday morning service, which is subject to power. They’re expecting us to get out too. And I’m thinking that we should.

My plan is to go to a friend’s in Dallas. She invited us, but I don’t remember if she remembers the dog. I figure we’ll be there two days. Then if the hurricane has hit, we’ll know how bad it is. If it’s bad we’ll go to my mother-in-law’s. If it’s not we can come home.

But we’re taking all our jewelry, guns, ammo, small family heirlooms, money, and as many clothes as I can fit in the car.