Rita: Voice of Reason

I came home from church tonight thinking about staying. The W’s are staying. And they were here during Alicia. The C’s are staying. (Though the wife said we were wise to leave.– Maybe it’s the guys who are insisting on staying.) So I’m thinking… maybe we should stay.

But then again part of the reason I wanted to leave is we have a four day weekend. How often does that happen? Never. So let’s go somewhere and party.

But that costs money. So once again I am thinking we need to stay. (Plus, we just spent $350 getting ready to stay. In that case, the money we would have spent to go is gone.)

Then I get home from church and get on the net. Then I see this:

For you Texans that live within 50 miles of the coast (maybe more… 50 miles was a SWAG), but are NOT considered coastal, here’s the deal. If it’s a strong 4 or 5 and you have decided not to evac… look up pictures of Ivan or Andrew and that’s what you’re facing folks. You are damn close to being too late to prepare if you have not. Gas, propane, water, food, cash, batteries, flashlights… a safe place to hunker down… get ready folks…

Now… for you Texans who live in-land, but live in the path. This is for you. If you think because you live 100 – 200 miles away from the coast you are safe… allow me to awaken you from your little cozy dream world. Living that far out, you may not lose your roof, but rest assured, your life has the potential to be miserable.

How far do you think Orlando is from where Hurricane Charley made landfall. Over 100 miles folks and Rita makes Charley look like a toddler.

Boudicca’s Voice gives us a totally different perspective from Bogus Gold and one, if you couldn’t tell already, I am more in agreement with. Her arguments make sense.

And hey, if nothing happens, we’ve had a four day weekend away.