Should You Evacuate?

New folks have moved to town. They’re from Ohio via Atlanta. She was wondering whether they should leave. Her husband’s work is closing today and won’t be open over the weekend.

I called her and said, “You need to leave.”

I can’t believe they weren’t sure when I found out that she’s on dialysis. Four days is how long she can go without electricity. Right now the forecast is for 2 weeks of no electricity. (I know that’s probably high, but what if it’s not.)

So now they are leaving. I told her to take all her car would hold. Pack as if she were never coming back. And be glad, at the end of all this, if the worst thing we have to do is unpack it again.

Highways over here are already log jammed. People are saying it is taking three hours to get from south of Houston (where my folks live) to north of Houston (where I live).

My folks were planning on leaving tomorrow. They were going to pick up their RV tomorrow and head out. I wonder if the RV place will even be open.

Also, my sister says she’s not going. If she’s not going, then they may not go. The only problem with that is my sister is stocked up for a week. My parents are not. So if my parents don’t go, they may be using some of S’s stock.

I’ve suggested to my folks that they come to my house tonight and then they can get to the RV place easier tomorrow. They’re not too sure about that idea. Of course now they aren’t sure they are leaving at all.

I told my sister to go to our other sister’s house, out in NC. She could take the kids and go there just for the weekend. If it turns out this is no big deal, then she’s had a nice visit. If it turns out our homes are matchsticks or swimming pools, then she’s safe and has electricity. (She’s sick and pregnant.)

I don’t know what my extended family are going to do. Even my husband doesn’t want to leave. But I’m taking the kids and going. And I’m going to hope that it is just a nice visit with my girlfriend up in Dallas.