Preparedness Kits: Winds’ BOK

Bug out Kit, as opposed to Bug out Bag (Bob) that we’ve used at our house.

Listing this in case WOC decides to disappear like Kim du Toit did.

Winds of Change’s BOK

This is a small, cheap day pack that we can leave in the car or at the office.

It contains:

Light hiking boots (hell, we own them, and why leave them in the closet where they just take up space?)
Socks (I’m likely to be wearing dress socks, and TG is likely to be wearing hose)
Pants and a sweatshirt
A poncho
Five or six Power Bars
Five or six GU Gel packs (food you squeeze)
Two bottles of water, and some water purification tablets
Two bandanas
A Leatherman multi-tool
A decent knife (Spyderco Delicia)
50’ of 4mm perlon cord
A locking carabiner
More first-aid stuff (pretty much what I carry in my motorcycle suit):
– 2 battle dressings
– 2 – 4 x 4 gauze pads
– 1 CPR shield
– 2 pairs nitrile gloves
– vial with core prescriptions
– bottle of aspirin
– Imodium
A spare pair of prescription glasses for each of us (what else do you do with old glasses?)
Two black heavy-duty trash bags
4 – 6” zip ties
Scorpion Streamlight
2 spare lithium batteries

…and a partridge in a pear tree.

I think anyone can safely leave out the partridge in a pear tree, although both partridges and pears are good food.

This post has much more. Go read it.