Went and saw the movie tonight. It was only on one screen. Only shown five times. Not a fully packed theater.

But it was a good movie. Made me jump several times. Made me cry once. (Not a real tear jerker. I just cry easily.) Had some sad bits. Some scary bits. Some parts that made me angry.

“Government ought not to meddle.”
You must believe. In something.

Note: I’ve only seen twenty minutes of Firefly. That was “two by two, men of blue” crazy people crazy River. Ship. Doctor. And now you know as much as I did after that 20 minutes. So you don’t have to have seen the show to have seen the movie and understood it and liked it and cared about the characters.

Some things were knit together. Some things were torn apart. Many times what I expected didn’t happen. Sometimes it did.

Though I am writing in a very fragmented manner, the movie is not fragmented. It knits a seamless whole in a way that anyone can follow. It is fascinating, interesting, involving. I never wanted to walk out of the theater, although I would have liked to have my hand held in a couple of places. I think that I was writing short gusts because I didn’t quite know what to say to make you want to watch it, and I didn’t want to give the plot away, but you should see it. It’s a violent movie, beware, but an excellent show.

One thing I didn’t like was the sound. I kept having to ask R what someone said. And not always the same someone. I thought it was just me; I am deaf in one ear and certain pitches I have more trouble with than others. But R said the sound was muddy. I expect that was only the theater we watched it in and not the movie itself. (I certainly hope not and none of the reviews I read mentioned it.)

It’s an excellent movie. Very interesting.