Supreme Court Pick: Links

Harriet Miers

Said to have been recommended by both sides.

White House Counsel, 2004

lawyer, but never a judge

Bush’s personal lawyer in Texas

Deputy Chief of Staff in 2003 Her on line

Texas Lottery Commission

Dallas City Council

first woman president of the Texas State Bar

graduate of SMU (note: though this school has “Methodist” in the name, it is not a religious school any longer and I have read blog entries by conservative teachers there saying they may not discuss their religious beliefs in class. I doubt it was a lot different when Miers was there.)

Most positive review I’ve found. It’s by Suitably Flip.

Captain’s Quarters is disappointed.

Her White House biography

Villainous Company on Miers

CNN on Miers

“Lawyers by nature are involved in controversy,” she said. “We expect difficult issues and are prepared to deal with them.”

Bush underscored her toughness, observing when he was governor, “When it comes to a cross-examination, she can fillet better than Mrs. Paul.”

Althouse mentiones her on Sept. 27. Interesting comments.

Talk Left’s 2004 opinion on her nomination to White House Counsel

Wikipedia with lots of links

Washington Post article from June

Ask her what it was like to be the first woman elected president of the Texas Bar Association, and she invokes not gender, but the geographic rivalry that frequently underlies bar elections in the state. “It was a very vigorous campaign against a lawyer from Houston,” said Miers, who is from Dallas.

Ask what motivated her to seek election to the Dallas City Council in the late 1980s, she says only: “I was asked to run.” Ask why she bowed out after one term, and she is only a bit more expansive. The structure of the council had changed, she explains, converting her citywide seat into one representing one district. That did not suit her interest, so she moved on. “It was a natural progression,” she said.

Miers’s reticence is not to be mistaken for a lack of assertiveness or ambition. Rather, friends and associates say, it reflects her scrupulous discretion and selflessness — the same qualities that propelled her rise through the legal ranks and into President Bush’s inner circle.

Miers Campaign contributions are listed here. I wonder what a “-$1,000” is, for Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Please note that in 88 she was giving to Al Gore and Lloyd Bentsen, both Democrats.