23rd Post

“She has decided that as a single parent with three kids in extracurricular activities that she cannot afford the time for a garage sale.”

There it is. The fifth sentence in my twenty-third post.

The Headmistress did it. I figured I could, too.

I didn’t like that one, much, though. So…

I think the fifth sentence of my twenty-second post is more about me:
“My kids laugh because I can’t do something on the computer that they find easy. ”
Of course, that could be because the 22nd post WAS about me and the 23rd post was about all of us Westerners owning too much junk.

We aren’t going to post 24. I’m not putting anything up on my blog as if I said it about brainwashing children in San Francisco. I guess you can go read the quote.

Post 21 is about keeping in touch with old friends.

Okay, that’s enough nostalgia. If it weren’t so late, I would call the friend from Post 21, but it’s 10:32 at her house.