Bush from the Left

“Sooner or later, everyone stops wanting a president who’s [sic] main claim to fame is having offered bold rhetoric in the face of a calamity that happened several years ago. Results matter.” so says Yglesias, a left wing blog I read on a regular basis.

I like Yglesias because even when I disagree with him, he’s always calm and articulate.

This, however, doesn’t make him right. He’s saying that Bush is living off his 9/11 rhetoric and not doing anything else. Now I haven’t been particularly impressed with Bush at home. I want to see some action against illegal immigrants, for example. But no one can actually say that Bush hasn’t done anything.

Good News from Afghanistan offers a glimpse into some of the things that Bush has secured. The Afghanis voted. A woman who had previously argued against the Taliban was elected. That’s more than can happen in Saudi Arabia, our putative ally.

Good News from Iraq has come in 13 parts but is apparently defunct now that Chrenkoff has a new job. Still, you know the news. You can read it at Michael Yon’s too. The Iraqis are turning in the terrorists. Police and army are being improved. The Iraqis voted. Remember all those purple fingers?

Bush may not have done as much here as I would have liked, but he’s done more in the world for making the US safe than any president since Reagan.