Remembering Old Blessings

Ten and more years ago, I used the computer to record things that happened in my day. I was trying to remember all of God’s blessings. Sometimes this went a little overboard, such as the time I didn’t write about my grandmother being sick and dying because I didn’t consider that a blessing. But I decided to re-read some today. Just a few.

October 23, 1993
We went to Williamsburg today. It was fun. The boys walked and looked and had a good time. Mom and Dad watched the boys quite a bit so I had some time by myself.
I bought a pewter rocking horse for the Christmas tree.

September 16, 1994
Last month Nancy got a ticket for not having Carrie in a seatbelt. Last night, as they pulled out of Taco Bell, Nancy told Joey to fasten his seat belt so she would not get another ticket. At the light at S. 1st and Treadaway, she was rear ended. Thank you, God, for tickets.

August 26, 1995
I prayed today, about the time of the funeral, for God to watch over the people there and hold them close, especially Tod. He said, “I am there with power.” -emphasis on the last three words.

Unfortunately I can’t open my 98 and 99 blessings’ lists because they are in Word Perfect and not in MS Word. Oh well. It’s nice to have them. I stopped in 2000. From Dec. 2002 I have this blog. But there’s two years missing since 1993.