Homeschooling: How to Start

This article indicates that many Katrina/Rita families are homeschooling because they don’t have any other choice. The paper calls it “make-shift.” You know, that’s what public school often is, make-shift. Homeschooling is not. Homeschooling is the people who care the most doing the most to make sure you get an education.

I never thought I could homeschool. But now I have an 11th grader whom I’ve homeschooled every year but one and an eighth grader whom I’ve homeschooled every year. It can work.

How do you begin? By deciding to do it.

Then what? Look online for help.

Home School Legal Defense Association can tell you what the laws are in your state. They can also sell you legal insurance. (I don’t think that’s what they call it.) You pay a membership fee and if you are taken to court over homeschooling, and some people are, then HSDLA provides the legal help you need. They are also available if social workers come to your house and want in. ALWAYS call HSDLA first. Don’t let a social worker in your house. You don’t know how they’ll interpret what they see and how they interpret it will become the text for their reaction.

There are also some state organizations. I am only a member of HSLDA, because it’s the one I know and it’s the oldest. They were helping folks homeschool before I knew what that was. But you can check into the state organizations.

If you’re in a city, there’s probably a homeschooling group, as well. In Austin I wasn’t allowed to be in the one I wanted to join because I wouldn’t lie and say I agreed with their version of Christianity. Non-believers had signed it, though, not believing. My husband said later he would have signed it and his signing it would have been sufficient to get us in. There are several homeschooling groups in Houston. There’s even one right here in our neighborhood that is outstanding. So look around. Get on the net. Ask people.

There are online places to buy curriculum. I’ve learned, after years of doing this, that we’re picky about some things, so I go to a curriculum store and get our books. You can buy books at teacher supply stores. And there might be a used book sale or a curriculum fair in your area, if not your town. Again, check the web.

When your kids are making you lose your patience, just remember that you are the most caring teacher in the smallest teacher:student ratio they will ever have. You can do it.

You can homeschool is a cheerleading essay, with some facts on the side.

Answers, can you homeschool? Legally and even if you don’t have a teaching degree.

How do I start? This tells you about two guides. I actually used Duff’s when I first started. It made me feel like I knew something when I started looking at curriculum. But I never used it again after that first year. I didn’t need it. I knew what kinds of curriculum my kids would respond well to and which they would hate. offers an email and some general philosophy guides and other things. It’s another place to look.

About Homeschooling also has a long list of articles, tips, and discussions. It can help you know that you know what you’re doing, that you’ve made a good decision or series of decisions.

There are others. You can find help online and around town all over the USA.

And most homeschool bloggers would enjoy sharing their expertise. It’s part of why they are blogging.