M 13

No, that’s not a new British Intelligence service.

My youngest son is turning 13 tomorrow.

He has requested:
dinner at Chuy’s
a day off
a new toaster (ours broke and he likes peanut butter toast)
tickets to Casting Crowns

Well, that was easy.

We haven’t bought the toaster yet, but we could. Any minute. Or hour. Or day. We already have the ticket and I’ve already given him a day off. Well, technically it was six hours, but still, that’s almost a full work day. And of course we are going to Chuy’s.

As of tomorrow evening at 7ish, I will be the mother of two teens.

Apparently I like his birthday, because I wrote of it before. Here’s the post of his 11th.

This year I wrote about E’s birthday as well, but I didn’t in 2003. Gotta watch that. He’ll think he’s not important.