Voodoo Science

It’s a fascinating book by physicist Robert L. Park. It talks about cold fusion, perpetual motion machines, the thin line between mistake and lie, and history. The book reads as if it were written by a journalist, but the knowledge to debunk is all science.

Reading about cold fusion gave me something to discuss with E’s chemistry teacher and with E when he decided to write his paper on fusion. This book and another will expand his paper to include real and mistaken science, the road we shouldn’t have travelled.

Reading electric wires do not increase leukemia reminded me of our house buying in 1991. Friends were going to buy a house, but the house was under powerlines. They didn’t want their children to be sick. I still have wondered upon occasion whether the microwave can make me sick. Turns out it can’t.

Voodoo Science is published by Oxford UP and is an excellent read. I’m going to have E read the parts on cold fusion. Fascinating stuff.