Blog Campaign Done Wrong

Slugger O’Toole mentions the blog campaign that went disastrously wrong, when comments were left under the name of a non-person from an online ad campaign masquerading as a blog.

Alan Connor in the writes,

Imagine you keep a diary.

Now imagine writing an entry about making contact with a parent after three decades of silence. And now imagine finding someone had slapped an advert for bleach on it. One which made reference to you, and your particular situation, but which still advertised bleach.

Welcome to blogging, 2005.

He discusses several interesting things, including whether blogs are public or private.

The idea is this: before the web, there were cleaner distinctions between the secret, the private and the public. You had to go out of your way to be “public”. But nowadays, there’s a lot of communication that’s ostensibly “public” (anyone can see it), but which etiquette demands that you regard as “private” (you don’t just blunder in and start shouting).

The particular blogger who wrote about visiting his dad after nearly 30 years, also wrote on the blog campaign. He wondered if the people commenting were really the ad agency and did a lot of calling around. Eventually he received an apology from the ad agency who said they didn’t do it. But they’re still sorry. I understand the sorry, but who is doing it?

And is that the kind of info you want out there about your company?

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  1. I just realized that might be a good topic for a conference paper, public versus private. And as a reader of blogs, I might still be ahead of the curve on it.

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