My Husband is a Man

Okay, I stole the title. But it’s the title of a great blog entry. And this is just one of the more fascinating sections. “If I wanted a man who was more like a woman, I’d be a lesbian. I mean – why go for a cheap imitation when I can get the real thing?”

Obviously she doesn’t want a man who is a woman, she wants her husband.

And she’s right.

Men should be men and we should love them for it. My husband has an eye for clothes, just like ArmyToddlerMom’s husband. I love to go shopping with him, when I’m feeling like I look half-way decent anyway. Because he can find the greatest clothes.

But I want him to be who he is, even when he’s driving me crazy, because he’s the best. And if he were a womanly-man, he wouldn’t love me the way he does. I’d have missed out on a lot.

Go read “My Husband is a Man” the original.

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