Homeschooling is Work

Sometimes being a homeschooling mom is a lot less fun than I would like it to be.

I’ve been sending the kids a syllabus over their email accounts. They’ve been getting the syllabi and doing their homework. I’ve been checking in the afternoon or evenings and their work has been all done except for one thing here or there. If they aren’t getting it, if it’s a new concept, I go over it with them. They don’t really like that. They would rather figure it out on their own. But I still need to check, because they will occasionally skip something. So they aren’t taking responsibility for their work yet, but they are just 13 and 14.

I didn’t check on Thursday or Friday. I am not sure why. Lots of work. Lots going on. E didn’t do any of his Thursday or Friday work. M didn’t do his Friday work.

In defense of M, I didn’t remind him to do it and last year we didn’t do school on Friday. Of course, last year didn’t end until August 10 and I’d like to end in June this school year. But I didn’t remind him to do the work.

E, on the other hand, I not only reminded to do his Friday work, I gave him a deadline in which to do it. And I thought he was working on his Thursday homework, but apparently he was just playing on the computer. I guess I could take his computer away, but then he’d have a hard time doing his history, since it is online.

Sometimes I expect them to be like me, like I was at their ages, though I am hoping they’ll skip some of the stupid stuff. But they aren’t me. They are themselves. I feel grateful to have them in my life. I hope that I can teach them responsibility, but I am not sure how.

If you have any ideas, I’d appreciate hearing them.