What to Do in Illness: Talk

In the same vein that The Constructive Curmudgeon mentioned, some things should not be said. After spending two months in the hospital myself and a week at the hospital with my potentially dying husband I found a list. I’m sharing it with you.

Statements Hospital Patients Would Rather Not Hear

Wow, look at all the flowers in here. Looks like you’re getting ready for a funeral.

I’ve just got a second to say hi.

Who’s your doctor? Have you checked him out?

Did you know massive doses of vitamins could have prevented that?

Hospital food is always terrible.

I hope you appreciate all the trouble I went to find this place.

It sure is hot in here. I’ll tell the nurse to adjust the thermostat.

At least you’re getting a break from the kids.

I can’t believe I had to pay to park just to see you.

All the nurses are just sitting around out there.

Have you checked into that treatment in ___ (country of visitor’s choice)?

I’ve never seen you with your hair not combed and without makeup.

You don’t mind if I sit on the bed, do you?

I’d give you a hug but I’m afraid I’d get sick.

I’d have come sooner but I didn’t know you were this bad.

At least you don’t have as many stitches as my grandmother did.

Eat–don’t you want to get out of the hospital?

Isn’t what you had considered minor surgery?

My cousin had the same surgery and he never even took a pain pill.

I don’t want to philosophize, but it could always be worse.

I’m sure you don’t need anything from me, but call me if you do.

–Virgil Fry

Apparently Virgil Fry does seminars on helping the sick. This is a conference announcement that he participated in this year.

I don’t know where I got his list, but it’s a good one.

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