Teaching American Kids to be Muslims

In school! They wouldn’t let us do that for Christianity, or even Judaism. I found it here. But I got there through Argghhh!

I expect they would argue that we already know what Christians are like, but I can guarantee you that I could come up with some Christian names and Christian symbols and Christian history that the kids don’t know.

How about Epaphroditus? How about Eusebius? Pontianus? Anterus? Polycarp? Tertullian? Clement?

The symbol? Anchors. Those were big in the fourth and fifth century, AD. Huh. We could teach about the “old” numbering system.

How about Constantine, Helen, and the first collection of the New Testament? Has anyone taught our public school kids the history of the religious persecution against Christians? In the Middle East?

There’s even a way of bringing in literature. We could do the poem about the fish. I think it’s about fish. It’s an old poem… Too tired to go look for it now. I should though.

O divine child of the heavenly Fish, earnestly desire a holy heart,
Having received among mortals the immortal fountain
Of the wondrous waters. Refresh your soul, beloved,
In the eternal waters of munificent wisdom.
Receive the honey-sweet food of the Savior of the saints,
Being hungry, eat, have the Fish in your hands.
Fatten me with Fish straightway, I beseech you, Master and Savior.
I pray you, O light of the dying, that mother may rest well.
Aschandius, father, beloved of my soul,
With my sweet mother and brothers,
In the peace of the Fish, remember your Pectorius.

It’s an epitath from 350-400 AD. I found it in The Faith of the Early Fathers on page 79.

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