Al Qaeda in the US

The government of the US, ours you know, doesn’t want to worry you, so it lies about Al Qaeda’s presence in the US. I hate to say this, because despite the myriad of faults possible to point out about our government at any point in history, I much prefer our government than any other government I’ve seen or read about. But I’ve also always believed it. I know that Bush and everyone else does what I think is stupid crap because they are trying to deal with some situation of which I have not been apprised. It’s kept me from going ballistic about some things, like Saudi Arabia and immigration. I am not convinced that their reasons are sufficient for me to agree with their policies, but I think they have some.

Gates of Vienna has an entry that is about Al Qaeda in our yard. And it talks about what the government says is true to the public, what the government says is true to people who know what is happening, and what the government’s reasons are for such duplicity. Read it and see what you think.