Why Education is Essential

Even though we aren’t providing it to our students. Oh, Snap!, an education student, has this to say:

If you don’t believe me that 11th graders don’t know anything about the American Revolution, here are some student guesses I received today as to who fought who: 1) The colonists were fighting the Indians. 2) The British were fighting the English. 3) The whites were fighting the British. 4) The whites were fighting the English. And we can’t forget 5) The Indians were fighting the Native Americans.

The teachers at Oh, Snap!’s school are not controlling their classrooms. This leads to no one paying attention, obviously. But apparently they also aren’t allowed to teach content. Which is how you get 11th graders studying American history who don’t know the two sides in the Revolutionary War.

I’m glad I homeschool.

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  1. Suzi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment,its deeply appreciated. I love your blog, and if you don’t mind I will add you to the blogs I read.


    PS. I am glad you are a Homeschool Mum, I have a few on my blog, and they are great.

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