All Negative All the Time: Homeschool

I am appalled by the mainstream media’s attention to homeschooling only in the negative. I am referring particularly to the two teen girls who are white supremacists and hate everyone not like them. These girls have been homeschooled, ABC is careful to note.

If the msm paid as much attention to the millions of us homeschooling in a positive venue, then the coverage of the negative would be understandable. But they only pursue the negative in stories.

Since this is their standard operating procedure in all instances, we should not be surprised.

However, even though it is the usual practice, it influences people who believe that what they read is all there is to know. And unfortunately most of the US does not read critically enough to realize that the news is negative or it’s generally considered to not be news.

Why do we not expect that negative portrayals will show up in the news and that positive happenings will be ignored? I think it is because we only hear the negative. And what we hear is what we know. If we have no contact with homeschoolers, then our only source of education is the news. (That should scare us right there.)

Since I homeschool, I have many positive contacts with homeschoolers. And some negative ones as well. But nowhere near the level of negativity to make the news.

This tirade was brought to you by the fact that HaloScan isn’t working on Spunky Home School’s blog.