Bad Piggy Bank

Tongue Tied tells the tale of the bank that bans piggy banks because they might be bad for Muslims. (Okay, I got carried away with the alliterations.)

The source is The Age.

How come they get to be offended by us but we can’t be offended by them? They’re offensive to me, I say, and that’s hate speech. But they’re calling my Lord and Savior a liar. He wasn’t the son of God, they say. I’m offended. But if I put my money in a plastic piggy, they can be offended and it’s my job to go out of the way to keep their precious easily offended hearts unbroken.


Update 10/26: The banks are denying they have banned pigs. Maybe they did and don’t like the publicity; it hasn’t been positive. And maybe they didn’t. I don’t know.