Women Have More Pain Receptors

So there, R! Not only do I have to deal with monthly pain for no good reason that I know of, but I have 2x as many pain receptors as you do. According to Live Science

“Because women have more nerve receptors, they may experience pain more powerfully than men, requiring different surgical techniques, treatments or medicine dosages to help manage their pain and make them feel comfortable.”

Earlier this year, separate research found that women report more pain throughout their lifetimes, in more areas of their bodies and for longer durations.

The separate research can be referenced here.

On a personal note, I dealt with facial pain/neck pain from TMJ for several years. I went on with my life, made new friends, got B’s in college, and lived with it. Even though every day it hurt. After my TMJ surgery they could not give me any pain medicine. It hurt less after the surgery, without pain medicine, than it had before the surgery. So I do know something about dealing with pain.