Anti-Choice Feminism

is the title of an entry on Joanne Jacobs’ site. It deals with a book about women who chose to stay home with their kids. The woman writing the book was dismayed to learn that women with good careers left them to be a mom.

I am a mom. I am also highly educated. And I primarily work at home with my kids. I am employed part-time, but I haven’t always been. Most of the time since my children were born I have been at home with them.

Was that a sacrifice? Yes.

Was it an opportunity? Yes.

Am I looking forward to going back to work full-time? Yes.

Would I do the stay-at-home thing all over again? Yes.

I think that we women do have an incredible opportunity in that many of us have a chance to be at home with our children. The days when they are young and want to hang out with us are fleeting.

My husband would love the opportunity to stay at home with our children. But because his job makes so much more than mine would if I went back to work full-time, he’s still working. I hope that he’ll have an opportunity to do something else when the kids are out of college. (Ten years from now.)