Christmas for Soldiers

I went running to the post office (along with half the people here) on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I mailed off six packages. Five to Marines. One to a soldier. I wanted to make sure they get there by Christmas.

Some Soldier’s Mom says that Dec. 2 is the last day to mail. So there is still time. Also, on November 27 she has a post about stuff to send. It’s got a great list.

However, I have been told that unless you personally know the soldier, they aren’t allowed to eat any homemade goods you send. So don’t waste your time and their sorrow with having to throw away those great cookies. Just don’t send them.

If you are wondering if folks need your package, even when it’s not large, the answer is YES. One of my friends has a son who is a Marine in Iraq. He says he is the only one in his unit getting mail at all.

Why? Well, one of my girlfriends was engaged to a Marine. (He died in a car accident in the US.) But he came from a family who could only afford one pair of shoes for their kids at a time. When he got in the Marines he sent her a picture of his locker with three pairs of shoes in it. That was his pride and joy- being able to afford three pairs of shoes. It took his parents almost a year to pay for a stone to mark his grave. … I don’t know about everyone, but my guess is lots of folks in the service don’t have families or don’t have families who can afford to send them anything.

For example, those who are in the reserves and were called up may have left behind better paying jobs that their families were depending on. Now the family is having to scramble to make up the difference in pay. They might not have the cash to send anything.

But if you do, send it. You can get an address at Any Soldier.

If you don’t have cash, mail them a letter. Tell them you care.

God bless them all.