Taking a Breath

Two weeks ago I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off because of the booksale. Then last week I was running around getting ready to leave for Florida and being in Florida for Thanksgiving. (That was very strange. Being there for Thanksgiving. I saw the members of my extended family for as long as 20 minutes in the whole four days we were there.) Then yesterday R’s car broke. So he took mine. I walked E to school, came home. Walked M up for his drama practice. Waited. Then E, M, and I all walked home. It’s a half hour walk each way, which isn’t too bad. But it ate up two hours of the day, plus the two hours we waited for M.

Today, even though I had to take R to work, I’ve gotten my grading done, cleaned up the kitchen, and have had time to sit downa nd read. It’s been great. I am so relieved to have some down time.

One of the things I am thankful for this year is that I have the energy to get done what needs doing. I was also very thankful that terrorists didn’t bomb Disneyworld while I was there. (Yes, I thought of it. Big American holiday. Big American tourist attraction. I thought of it. Glad they didn’t do it.)