Time Management

R was telling me about a guy who is taking cat naps throughout his day and working through the night continually. Apparently it is working for him. Since I have trouble sleeping anyway and have developed brain seizures because of it, I don’t even have a desire to try it.

But today he was telling me about the guy’s college. He went for three semesters and graduated with two degrees. Since you have to have 120+ hours I wonder how he did that. Of course, if he went somewhere with CLEP acceptance, he could have clepped out of his freshman year.

R also said the guy would do all his assignments in batches. If he had five math assignments, he’d do them together. (Do math teachers assign lessons like that?) If he had a research paper he’d take the time on the weekend and do it all at once.

I remember the last time I was doing stuff like that. In college I had an assignment that was supposed to be turned in sometime before the end of the semester. I didn’t want it hanging over my head. So for four solid days, whenever the library was open and I didn’t have to be in class, I was in there working on the assignment. This was before computers, so I was writing a lot and reading a lot. And I read exceptionally fast or I’d have had to have many more days. Anyway, when it was done, I turned it in. Bad choice. The teacher didn’t think I could have done a good job in a week. And the writing put so much strain on my arm that I had to carry it around for the next month because it hurt too much when it was hanging at my side.

Now I’m not quite so insistent on getting things done beforehand, though I try not to wait so long that I can’t do them well. And I think that experience is why.

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