A Soldier’s Passing

Tomorrow at 11:30 is the memorial mass for a hero. He died in Iraq. He’s home in Heaven now. I hope it is better than the best he ever dreamed.

Tomorrow my sons and I will go to stand on a road. We’ll wear red, white, and blue. We’ll hold flags. I’ll cry the whole time we’re standing there. I’m thinking of just forgetting the makeup to start with.

We’re going to line the road to the church. My son asked me why we were going. I told them we were going to help the family grieve. We’re going because that man gave his all for us and we want his family to know we appreciate it.

I can’t even see the computer through the tears now. Okay. I had to answer the phone.

God, please bless his family. Comfort them in their grief. Let the sight of people they don’t even know coming together to honor their loved one and his sacrifice in some way touch the broken and empty parts in their souls. Please.