I always wondered how a no-registration free for all encyclopedia was going to make it on the net. I mean, there are lots of loonies out there. But, so far, everything I’ve seen is actually pretty good. I guess the folks who are interested in the stuff write.

But… one entry apparently named someone in the Kennedy assassination and now you’re going to have to register to write.

The article accused a man of being suspected in the Kennedy assassination. The guy so accused was a bit whiny about it. In Wired he says it was up for 132 days before being changed. Did he tell anyone? And then the article in question tracked the changes. He didn’t like that. Said they said “homophobic” things about him. “Wikipedia will either have to fix the problem (of vandals) or lose whatever credibility it still has…” Can you hear the whine with that? I can.

Wikipedia is not a perfect thing. Ever read anything that was? But saying “lose whatever credibility it still has” is a bit… rude. Because actually though I wasn’t impressed with Wikipedia when it first started up, and I expected it to be full of holes, every piece I’ve seen has been well written, well researched, and well developed. On way more topics than a standard encyclopedia has space for.

So, now I know this guy’s a whiner. And apparently he wasn’t suspected in the assassination of Kennedy. Whew. Got that cleared up.