Christmas List

A Thousand Miles to Baghdad

Deadline by Robert Alcorn. I borrowed this book and managed to have it sold at the library book sale. Maybe I should quit borrowing books.

Soldier Life: A day in the Life of an American Soldier.

Christine Fell’s Women in Anglo-Saxon England which is $41. The other book of hers, which I would like to read, is $87 and I’m not sure it is worth it. Of course, it could be an expansion of the original and might, in fact, be perfect. But since I don’t know…

The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes. I read this in Europe and still use information from it to this day. I used some in this semester’s Marvelous Creatures class. And some of the other teachers asked for information from the book.

And finally The First Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times. I read about the book a long time ago researching for classes and it sounds fascinating. Yep. I definitely want this one. Only $15.

Maybe I should just spend my check from HRM on these books.

But I’m hoping someone else will actually buy them for me.

And, no, they aren’t in the order I would prefer to receive them.

First is the Dictionary, then Fell’s book, then Paleontology. After that the others. Although I’m going to have to order Deadlline on my own anyway, because I did borrow it and it needs to be returned.